Solar Energy for your home and your business.


Investing in solar technology for your home is one of the most financially sound investments a person can make. By reaching out to us we will send one of our representatives to come evaluate your home and past electric bills so that we can gauge what type of energy needs you require. Then, depending on the results, we will recommend a certain system to get for your home! This quote is completely free!


What is the goal of most businesses? To maximize profits. By investing in United Solar you are taking one of the most valuable actions possible for your business, reducing your bottom line. Solar energy can dramatically decrease the amount you pay every single month in overhead costs. Not only that but your brand will be recognized as one that cares about the environment which can be great at attracting certain “green minded” customers! If your business requires a lot of energy to run then an investment into solar technology is the path for you. 

Two Ways to Pay

Upfront Purchase

A one time purchase and energy savings are yours! You can begin to enjoy the federal and state tax credits and any rebates you may qualify for immediately. A one time purchase and you will have the panels installed properly, and up in running!

$0 Down Loan

Some homes may need more panels than others so for that reason we offer a $0 Down loan as a payment option! The interest rates are very low and once the panels are installed the payment of the loan will replace your monthly electric bill. If you can afford your electric bill you can afford to go solar!